An Apartment One Gallery Page

Some pictures from long ago....

leer Andy looking at Miria's badge. WamCon, Hampton, Va.

check out those shorts Andy, Matt, Charles, Ginger and more pose at Busch Gardens.

It's just a model A closeup of the front steps of the apartment.

Clouds, how unusual! A long shot of the apartment building.

Very nice dogwoods! Lloyd and Ann on the back porch, ready to graduate in 1988.

Check out the ears! Helen long before she became a VTSFFC regular.

Chest wig! Andy and Telf at a halloween party.

Deploy Sunglasses! Lloyd and Kim at a halloween party.

How Mythterious! A crowd does Asprin's MythAdventures characters at SciCon

Denise's Evil Twin A group at an Apartment 1 party.

Watch those hands! Color coordination at Halloween.

She's not underage Telf having a good time. Note the bar visible in the back.

Watch those hands! Tom's brief cloning experiment goes horribly wrong.

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