The Founding of Apartment One

Much of the history of Apartment 1 has been lost in the fog of countless eons. What little is known has been painstakenly deduced from fossil and other evidence (see National Geographic's "Pomigranites in the Sky with Diamonds" for instance). What follows is a summary of the current scientific theories on the origins of this phenomina.

It was the summer of 1986. One 20th Century human named Lloyd Eldred had just completed his Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering. His roommates were also graduating Aero Engineers, but they were much smarter than Lloyd and made their escape to the so-called "real world" when presented with the opportunity.

Enter (the presumedly mythical) Andrew Shoemaker. He and Lloyd had known each other for some time through the Virginia Tech Science Fiction and Fantasy Club (VTSFFC). Andy decided to sublet one of the escaping roommates' rooms for the summer. This single decision led to all that followed.

Unhappy with the remote location of the Heritage Acres apartments (well out on South Main street) and the tight space in the three bedroom apartment, Andy began looking for something better. It was he who located Apartment 1. And it was he who convinced three other humans (whom he claimed were friends) to join him in living there.

And so it was that in August of 1986, the great history of Apartment 1 was begun. Many great sagas of that fantasic trek, most notably "The Saga of the Bar" have survived even to this day. Most of the "First Ones" (Lloyd, Andy, Jeff, and Ed) have long since gone beyond the rim. And, much of the rich history has been lost to the ages or shrouded behind veils of secrecy.

While there are 4 bedrooms in a Apartment 1, and more than a score of years have passed since its founding, little is known of its rituals and traditions. Amoungst these pages you will find documentation of many bizarre happenings, but no explanations. There are just some areas where science is not meant to go.

Thus, join us, if you dare, in exploring the strange and mysterious ediface known as Apartment One.

The Early Years

In addition to the 4 large bedrooms and 2 spacious baths, Apartment One featured both a large kitchen and a large living room (with dubious brown carpet.) All of this (including the carpet) made the apartment a perfect place for gatherings of all kinds. Even with loud dance music playing in the living room it was possible to chat, play games, or otherwise be social in one of the side rooms.

The most frequent early activity was a weekly gathering in the living room for Star Trek: The Next Generation. This premiered the year the apartment was aquired. So, the large living room, combined with the bar and the high tech 13-inch color TV, made Apartment One the place to be week after week.

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