The Dezitens of Apartment One

This page will eventually be reorganized, probably. I also have a drawing of the apartment layout that will go here once finished. For the moment, however, it will just be a list, by room of each inhabitant and, if available, a link to their personal web page. Please provide any data you have to help me fill in all the holes on this list.

Perhaps we'll include short blurbs about each person and the notable points of their time at the apartment.

Maquest map for orientation at: this link.

The West Room

Facing the front door, the windows of the west room are visible on your left. From here, one gets the best view of the nearby football statium and the rest of the outside world.

The North Room

The North room shares a mini-hallway and a bathroom with the West room. It's window looks out over the porch/deck to a very nice wooded view.

The East Room

The East room offers the best view of any objects that might happen to fall from the balcony of the apartment above.

The South Room

The South room offers an attractive view of the parking lot and is the best vista from which to watch any riots that spill over from parties above.

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