The History of Galtham Films

Galtham Films was formed in 1989 as an extension of the Whoman franchise. The name in fact, is a construct from the Whoman fictional universe.

Galtham City is the home base for our hero. This name was chosen by combining the words Gallifrey (the home planet of Dr. Who) and Gotham (the home base for Batman).

Following the success of the Whoman concept and costumes at various Virginia conventions, notably Technicon, the two principle perpetrators of this mad scheme were finally brow beaten into organizing a movie production. After some time spent in searching for a name, Galtham Films was finally chosen.

Whoman : The Motion Picture premiered at Technicon 10, in April of 1993. It consisted of a really spiffy trailer, a 20 minute "TV episode" explaining the origins of our heroes, and some exciting previews for its sequel.

The Fiendish Plot of Whoman II appeared the following year. It consisted of two interconnected 20 minute "TV episodes" and contained a mysterious reference to a third film Whoman and the Masters of the Universe which has not been publically viewed to date.

Space Rogues T.S.E. is the group's current project. This 113 part space epic is designed to be the ultimate film experience. No expense has been spared to produce the best visuals, costumes, and sets possible. The world premier of the final version took place at Technicon 14, March 14 1997 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Audience reaction has been superb.

All of Galtham Films' productions have aired at various science fiction conventions and on public access cable channels. While the films are copyrighted, we do not charge for such showings, or for personal collections. We're in this for the fun of film making and for the small notoriety it gives us in fan circles. If you'd like more information about obtaining copies of our films select the order icon below.

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