[Whoman Poster] Whoman: The Dark Timelord
You'll believe a Timelord can drive!

Imagine, if you will, a Dr. Who film made with all the style and sensibilities of the American Batman TV show of the 60s. Imagine the Doctor and his companions garbed in a strange mix of tweed and spandex. Imagine the Whocave, the Whomobile, Whoarangs, and of course, Whogirl. Imagine a film crew silly enough to make not one, but two of these films.

Now, join us as we bring all of your imaginings to life in Whoman: The Dark Timelord.

[Whoman Logo] Origins

A long, long time ago, far away in the deep reaches of cyberspace, there once was a BBS known as "The Coconut Telegraph BBS". And upon that BBS, vast amounts of serious and silly science fiction was to be found. Among the silliest was the cooperative "Technicon 10" story. (alert readers will know that T'con 10 was held in 1993, and bore little resemblance to the fictional tale written years before.)

And within that story, did one current web page author set out to seek revenge upon one fanatical Dr. Who fan, little knowing the horrible consequences that that decision would have upon his life. It seems that the first Batman motion picture had recently been released and had revived interest in a possible American Dr. Who movie project.

Well, our heroic author postulated that American film making being what it is, it was rather likely that something would get garbled in the translation. Thus, for the purpose of the aforementioned T'con 10 story, it was stated that the American Dr. Who movie had indeed been made. It had starred Adam West and Burt Ward as the Doctor and his faithful companion Rubin. Both were costumed in an odd mixture of tweed and spandex.

Then, did the also aforementioned, fanatical Dr. Who fan, read these story postings. Did he react with anger? With disgust? With rage? No. He reacted with amusement. And thus, were the Whocave, the Whomobile, the Whoarang, and Whogirl created to terrorize legions of movie fans.

The online adventures of Whoman and Rubin continued for many months, until briefly before Technicon 7, the two perpetrators decided to actually assemble costumes and props as if from the movie.

The first appearance of Whoman and Rubin

Their appearance at that con, and many following cons proved to be their downfall. A tragically misguided multitude campaigned for Whoman: The Motion Picture and the rest is history.

Whoman: The Motion Picture

The first Whoman film starts with the capture and trial of the previous Doctor. He is once again banished to Earth and forced to regenerate. He refuses to cooperate in selecting a new persona, so his unconscious brain is scanned for surface thoughts to help select one. Unfortunately, he had most recently been reading a Batman comic book.

After the opening credits, we find Bruce State and his youthful ward Dick Greystoke enjoying some TV at their estate. But, their peace is short lived. There's a phone call from Commissioner Horton telling them that the Trainmaster is on the rampage. Our heros rush to the Whocave.

Whoman & Rubin.

The Treacherous Trainmaster

The rest of the episode includes everything you'd expect from the Batman TV series: The Whomobile, gadget weapons, death traps, bad fight scenes, and of course Whogirl. Plus, there's the Whoman action figure!

Whogirl & Whoman

[Whoman II logo] The Fiendish Plot of Whoman II

The second and third episode of Whoman are interconnected. It seems that the Twiddler has somehow developed a time machine and is using it to steal things out of history. Whoman and Rubin investigate and are stranded in ancient history for their troubles.

The Twiddler

Whoman & Rubin back in time

Of course, there is villainy afoot in the past as well. Whoman and Rubin are mistaken for local dogooders and are imprisoned. Thus, episode three features a daring prison escape, an amazing sword fight, and a couple of strangely recognizable ancient villains. Our heroes, through a lot of blind luck, eventually return to the present and defeat the Twiddler. The details are left to the film.

[Whoman:TSE logo] Whoman: The Special Edition

The two Whoman films are currently undergoing a massive updating and restoration. No expense is being spared to bring new, previously cut, scenes and newly enhanced CGI effects.


In this newly rediscovered scene Whoman realizes that Rubin has locked the keys in the Whomobile. Unfortunately, the Whomobile has a flakey chameleon circuit (isn't that always the way?) And Rubin has to find the reset button...


No release date has been announced.

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