Whoman Frequently Asked Questions

Since the first appearance of Whoman in an online story, we've been flooded with questions. Now that there is more than an hour of video tape story, most people have had more than they care to of the Dark Timelord. But there are a few, foolish, individuals who wish to know more. It is for these poor unfortunates that this FAQ is provided.

Onward to Our Cast and Crew, Rubin!

Tell me more about those amazing utility belts!

Allow me to start with the Whoarang, which is easily the most amazing item on the belt. This wonder unfolds from its compact storage form to a deadly "W" shape in less than a second. With it, the Cloaked Timelord and his companion, the Wondering Boy, can climb buildings, secure prisoners, and go camping.

The Closed Whoarang(tm)

The Open Whoarang(tm)

The utility belt and all of its components are a wonder of no-budget film making. The belt buckle and vials (containing Who-Sleep and more!) are made from a space aged plastic (Wal-Mart Toothbrush and Soap travel kit, about $2 U.S.) guaranteed to stop (thrown) bullets. The belt itself is high-tech elastic, designed to slim, while being functional.

Arrayed across the back of the belt are curtain hooks on which the Whoarang and other devices are attached. At various times these have included the Who-Paddle Balls and the Who-Marital Aide (Aka, a sonic screwdriver. Alas, we are a family show, so there's only the one quick joke.)

How did you produce your sound effects?

Galtham Films has a state of the art multi-million sound editing suite. Well, ok, we spent $150 at Radio Shack. But, as you can see, we're serious about it. The pictures below show Lloyd surrounded by tape decks and CD players carefully mixing sound levels and Patrick with a microphone and frying pan generating sound effects.

Lloyd mixing

Patrick the Foley

Are you working on any more episodes of Whoman?

Currently, no. With Lloyd (Whoman) on the left coast and Patrick (Rubin) still on the east, it's difficult to imagine being able to complete one. However, there is a plot outline for Whoman and the Masters of the Universe (Aka Whoman 3).

The story mostly involves The Master (The Doctor's arch enemy) with all his reincarnations attempting to take over the universe and destroy Whoman at the same time. So with the Doctor in the Masters hands, it is left up to Rubin to save the universe. This was to be another two-part story.

There are/were also some ideas for further episodes, but most don't have much past a title. A few of these include:


Will TimeWing appear in a future episode? Who knows!

What's this rumor I hear about a re-edited Whoman 2?

Neither Lloyd or Patrick were happy with the final edited results of Whoman 2. Lloyd had got a job in Ohio before all of the filming was done, and we wanted to have the episode ready for that years Technicon. With time short, they went with what footage they already shot and edited it via Priority Mail. Unfortunately, the video toaster that Lloyd had just purchased required a TBC (Time-base corrector) in order to add of effects such as scene fades/wipes and text overlays.

Lloyd has since purchased a TBC, so there is a plan to re-edit Whoman 2 and add spiffy special effects where needed. There won't be much (any) of a difference footage wise, but it should be a much cleaner edit.

There is also a discussion about assembling the Complete Whoman Compendium. This would include things like a reading of the first appearance of Whoman from the "Technicon 10 Story", every on-stage Whoman skit, and possibly the "Making of Whoman" behind the scenes video. Be warned, however, that assembling this kind of additional material is not cheap. Copies of this, still hypothetical, tape are expected to cost twice as much as the current free tapes. Start saving now.

There's another rumor going around that mentions a Whoman: The Special Edition. Supposedly it will have newly rendered effects and possibly some previously cut scenes. Rumors of the addition of a character known as "Jabba" have been denied. A possible poster for the feature has even been spotted on the net.

So, remember, don't take the re-release of the Whoman Action Figure line as meaning anything in particular. The guys at Galtham are being very cagey about what and when an updated release might be. Stay tuned.

Please feel free to submit questions for possible inclusion and answering in the FAQ to the e-mail address below.

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