Lloyd's SF Hobbies

Lloyd is an active science fiction fan. His interests include

[B-5 costume]

This picture shows Lloyd Eldred & Patty Ellison in homemade Babylon 5 uniforms. Since these were custom made from a few photos prior to their appearance on the air, we don't have patterns. We just winged it. But, we're happy to discuss details and other advice with other costumers.

Lloyd is a founding member of the Science Fiction Club at Virginia Tech (VTSFFC, 1982), and a staff member for the first 12 Technicons (including chairman for T'con 2.)

He also creates Live Action Role Playing Games with Mondred LARPGs (he's one of two founding members.)

* He's also very proud of having been invited to be Fan Guest of Honor at Technicon 15, in March of 1998.

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