Special Effects [cool ship gif]

Nearly all of the special effects for Galtham Films are done on an Amiga personal computer. For Whoman, this consisted of a few titles and some simple spinning logos done on an Amiga 1000. For Whoman II, a Video Toaster equipped Amiga 4000/040 had been aquired, and fancier logos and credits resulted.

For Space Rogues T.S.E. we've gone even further. The extensive use of Lightwave-3D and a DPS Personal Animation Recorder has made full frame 30 fps 24 bit special effects animation practical. For lots of examples, look through the Space Rogues, T.S.E. section of these pages.

For our 21st Century productions, we've reluctantly left the Amiga platform and are using Lightwave 6 on an Athlon 1900+ with 1.1 gig of ram. We also have added a Pinnacle DV500 digital/analog editing system with Adobe Premier.

The alert reader will note that Lightwave-3D is the software used to create special effects for dozens of shows and commericals. Particularly noteworthy in this regard are Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, and SeaQuest DSV .

Lloyd Eldred is responsible for the special effects in all of our films. He has been making effects for 8 years and has had articles on the subject published in Lightwave Pro (including the above picture). That article has recently been reprinted in The Lightwave 3d Book.

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