T.S.E. Mirage

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T.S.E. Mirage

[pic of shuttle] [Shuttle Landing]

T.S.E. Cloudraker
(Mirage's atmospheric shuttle)

[pic of fighters]

Main Gauche and Kat's Claw
(Mirage's fighters)

The T.S.E. Mirage was chosen as the first manned test vehicle for the inversion drive program. On the first test, she vanished. The Mirage is a mid sized in-system cargo ship. She carries a fair sized crew and has limited in-atmosphere capabilities. Her on board support ships include an atmospheric shuttle and a couple of small Dagger-Class fighters.

[pic of Bridge Crew] The Mirage's Bridge Crew

[pic of Janet] [pic 2 of Janet] Captain Janet Vanderdecken

[pic of Brion] Commander Brion Fields, First Officer

[pic of Kat] Ensign Katrina "Kat" Watson

[pic of Paul] Chief Paul Herrera

Captain Janet Vanderdecken is in charge of the rag-tag crew of the Mirage. Commander Fields is her second in command and cohort in the black market. Chief Herrera is the ship's cargo master. And young, idealistic, Ensign Watson is the ship's new pilot.

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