The Space Rogues World Premier

Space Rogues premiered at Technicon 14, on March 14, 1997. Here are some behind the scenes pictures from the premier. More will be posted shortly.

[pic] Opening night crowd.

[pic] Lloyd in the T-Shirt, with the tape and the CD.

[pic] Episode 3's "Odd Being"(tm), John Franklin.

[pic] The Mirage cast on their way in.

[pic] Patrick as Dr. Who.

The B5 role playing game premiered at the Technicon 14 as well. Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide! Regardless, cool t-shirts abounded.

[pic] Lloyd and Patrick with Babylon Project creator Joe Cochran.

[pic] Lloyd and Joe.

[cake] A surprise at the release party.

Onward to Our Cast and Crew.

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