Some scenes from the film

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[pic of Crewman] An unnamed crewman and Commander Fields

[pic of Bar scene] The obligatory bar scene

[pic of Briefing] Director Murrow and the Mirage Crew

[pic of Richard] The Crew encounters an odd being

[special effect] The Mirage under attack

[Cargo bay] Janet & Paul examine an experiment

[Mirage Crew] The crew of the Mirage under attack

[pilot] A Mirage crew member

[Murrow] Director Murrow publicity still

[Wyst] Captain Wyst publicity still

[Kyle] Commander Kyle publicity still

[set] Mirage bridge under construction

[consoles] Closeup of unfinished bridge consoles

This just in!

Behind the scenes photos from the new Space Rogues Episodes!

[set] The new Mirage bridge set during a rehersal.

[Mirage crew] With the full crew.

[console] Left side (nav) of pilot console

[console] Right side (ops) of pilot console

[pic] Paul and Brion on the bridge.

[pic] Brion at his console.

[pic] Paul at his console.

[pic] Publicity shot of Captain Janet.

[pic] Publicity shot of Brion

[pic] Publicity shot of Paul.

[pic] Publicity shot of Kat.

[pic] Another strange being.

[pic] The Captain, unconsious!

[pic] Brion is getting very sleepy.

[pic] Some of our cast and crew pose.

[pic] Cast and crew prepare for a location shoot.

[pic] A blocking runthrough.

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