The Space Stations

[pic of alpha station] Alpha Station

The expedition's colony ship was quickly disassembled and reassembled, as designed, into Alpha Station . A dozen more, similarly cleverly named, stations were gradually built. Each had its own focus of interest. Beta station was built near the inner asteroid belts to provide raw materials for expansion. Gamma station provided for the agricultural needs of the system.

[pic of Murrow] Director Murrow

By 2508, Alpha Station has evolved into the administrative headquarters for the corporation. Director Thomas J. Murrow is the man in charge.

[pic of lambda station] Lambda Station

[pic of Befren] Dr. Befren

Lambda Station was built fairly recently to research high speed star drives. Its located remotely, to reduce the impact of any accidents. Dr. Befren is the director of the inversion drive research group.

[pic of Jenkins] Dr. Jenkins

Dr. Befren's assistant is Dr. Jenkins. Jenkins, while not as technically innovative as his boss, is substantially more politically in tune with the powers that be.

Most of the Paradisio space stations are similar in design. They're 3km in diameter and rotate once per minute to simulate gravity. The outer windowed "teeth" are the habitable portions of the station. Elevators and circumfrencial maglevs provide transportation through the station.

Depending on the particular station, docking it done either near the hub, or on a "tooth". In either case, the syncronizing of the ship with the station is done under computer control for accuracy sake.

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